The project AutoGPT.js is an open-source initiative designed to bring AutoGPT's robust capabilities directly to your browser, promoting enhanced accessibility and privacy through in-browser operation

Volunteered with, a volunteer-driven platform designed to streamline the vaccine appointment process for the residents of Washington State. Operating until May 28, 2021, this initiative aimed to simplify access to Covid-19 vaccines by collating appointment availability data from over 850 statewide clinics and providers.

Kernel for Jupyter that facilitates the use of C# programming language within Jupyter notebooks. This kernel allows developers and data scientists to run C# code interactively in a Jupyter environment, enabling a blend of documentation and code execution in a live computational document.

In my endeavor to enhance the user experience for gliding enthusiasts, I developed an XCSoar Menu Generator tailored for the BlueFly vario device. XCSoar, a renowned tactical glide computer application, operates on platforms like Android, Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows, offering real-time flight data, navigational aids, and glide computer functionalities essential for effective flight management. My menu generator simplifies the customization of XCSoar's interface for BlueFly users by providing a user-friendly platform where individuals can easily add or modify buttons.