Moved to Digital Ocean

I recently moved by blog and personal computing server to Digital Ocean from Linode. For my first impression I'm wondering why didn't I moved earlier, not that Linode is bad its just that Digital Ocean is better. The UI of Digital Ocean is much more lean and responsive. The pricing is flexible so that I can easily create multiple droplet(fancy name for VM) based on my needs. I have mutile droplets running and blog is on one of them.

The best thing about Digital Ocean is that it has DNS support which allows me manage my DNS records for my domain at a single place. The other great thing I came to know about is that it has ability to take Snapshots (cost of it is less than backup for a small server), so if I dont use one of my VM, I can take a snapshot and later if I want to bring that VM again I just instantaneously create it using the snapshot hence saving me money. The other use of snapshot is easy scale out, I can create multiple instances of a server from the image allowing me to scale easily when needed.

I also found a lot of tutorials for the things I wanted to do on my VM on the Digital Ocean blog. I wanted to setup Dokku (which is an awesome PAAS for you VPS like digital ocean) and all i had to do was just create Droplet from the already provided image for Dokku. The same thing happened for setting up my blog, I just had to click few buttons and Ghost blog just got setup for me. I still have to see how it stands in load. For now I'm loving Digital Ocean and would recommend it.